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SourceMod Permissions

Our servers use the native SourceMod Admin Flags permission system to determine access to the large majority of commands and features.

Admin Flags - (Source)
Name Flag Purpose
reservation a Reserved slot access.
generic b Generic admin; required for admins.
kick c Kick other players.
ban d Ban other players.
unban e Remove bans.
slay f Slay/harm other players.
changemap g Change the map or major gameplay features.
cvar h Change most cvars.
config i Execute config files.
chat j Special chat privileges.
vote k Start or create votes.
password l Set a password on the server.
rcon m Use RCON commands.
cheats n Change sv_cheats or use cheating commands.
root z Magically enables all flags and ignores immunity values.
custom1 o Custom Group 1.
custom2 p Custom Group 2.
custom3 q Custom Group 3.
custom4 r Custom Group 4.
custom5 s Custom Group 5.
custom6 t Custom Group 6.

Flags are given to users when they log in via MAUL. eGs can be distinguished by having the c flag (kick), eGO's with the d flag (ban), and LE+ with m (rcon). Depending on the server, it is possible to edit user's flags (though discouraged) through rcon by running:


Running commands through rcon in general is discouraged. Make sure you know what you are doing, and you trust whomever you are giving flags to.

  • sm_rcon sm_flags [user] + [flag] to grant a flag
  • sm_rcon sm_flags [user] - [flag] to remove a flag
  • sm_rcon sm_flags [user] = _ to remove all flags