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Commands can be used to interact with the server for fun, moderation, and gameplay. You can issue most commands through chat with either !command or /command, note that ! will not show in chat if you do not type a command (ie typos) where has / will print to chat.

The classic way to enter commands is through console ~. Note that the sm_ prefix is technically part of the command's name, and that issues commands through chat simply prefixes sm_ with what you enter.

Base Commands

By default, the servers will have a large majority of sourcemod commands enabled. You can see the list of base commands here.


Not all commands are available on all servers.

Leadership Commands
  • sm_getip - Lists all IPs of players on the server
  • sm_checkconnection <player> - Checks the client's IP across known alt accounts
  • sm_rcon <command> - Runs a command as RCON
  • sm_lesay <message> - Sends a Leadership Message to all players
Admin Commands (Jailbreak)
  • sm_1up <player> - Respawns a player where they died (LE Only)
  • sm_revoke <player> <reason> - CTBans the player for 15 minutes for the given reason
  • sm_ctban <player> <duration> <reason> - CTBans the player for the given duration and reason
  • sm_mfk <player> - Immediately swaps the player to spectators and prompts for MFK ban confirmation
Admin Commands (Generic)
  • sm_kick <player> <reason> - Kicks the player with the given reason
  • sm_ban <player> <duration> <reason> - Bans the player for the given duration and reason
Dedicated Supporter Commands
  • sm_votekick <player> <Reason> - Starts a votekick against a player
  • sm_voteban <player> <Reason> - Starts a voteban against a player
Public Commands
  • sm_watch <player> - Spectates the player (if you are dead)